The Foxworth Theory presents Antonio Fargas, Kendall Minter, Faulu Mtume and Flo Anthony

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“Spring is the season of change, rebirth, and restoration. Many of us come out the winter freeze with hopes of beautiful weather, flowers blooming and a change for the better. I also think about the time we all have worn masks to address COVID fears and the losses in our lives due to the pandemic. Springing forward, I am looking to making new memories, creating new histories, and tackling new opportunities.”

EUGENIA FOXWORTH is the host of the twice-weekly podcast series, THE FOXWORTH THEORY, seen on YouTube every Tuesday and Thursday evening at 9 pm EDT (link here – YouTube/TheFoxworthTheory)

Check out the Spring edition of THE THEORY, Ms. Foxworth’s online magazine detailing adventures as both a podcast host and her work as a leader representing the USA in the International Federation of Real Estate (FIABCI).

Guests of The Foxworth Theory podcast include TV actor/icon Antonio Fargas, music industry attorney Kendall Minter (The 360 Deal), Faulu Mtume (son of the late two-time Grammy winning producer/artist James Mtume) and national entertainment columnist Flo Anthony, with more to come.