Cities in Crisis

What is happening in our culture? Why is there so much violence? Cities in Crisis is a television docu-series from RETV designed to analyze topics and social ills that concern citizens around the globe. This pilot episode boldly explores the anatomy of the youth violence epidemic and focuses on cities like Jersey City, Newark, Detroit, and Chicago, as well as cities in California. We address important issues, such as bullying, gun violence, and gang violence.

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Ignoring a problem is not the solution. Our Cities in Crisis show deals with these issues head on. Even though we are a rap entertainment company, we actively produce episodes that address many topics and social problems that affect all of us. We’ll feature interviews from celebrities, such as:

  • Common
  • Charles Dutton
  • Marc Levin
  • Ice Cube
  • T.I.
  • Scarface
  • Dennis Haysbert
  • 50 Cent

Cities in Crisis PosterOur program also features discussions from political figures like Jersey City's Mayor Steve Fulop, Newark Mayor, and Ras Baraka, as well as educators, industry professionals, and community people like you and me. They all lend their voice to discuss a problem that is ravaging communities across the United States and abroad.

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