Longtime West Coast hip-hop artist, record executive and entrepreneur Suga-T unveils her latest project, based on her life’s experiences. Based on Suga’s successful cosmetics business, the book and album, “YOUR PERFUME”, outlines survival tips for women on how to navigate through tough times in order for one to find a new “scent” for success and achieve their goals.

Suga-T. Stevens was a founding member of The Click, a hip-hop group led by her brother, rapper E-40. The Click scored many best-selling albums, including the certified gold record, “Game Related”. During this run, Suga-T enjoyed her own hit albums “It’s All Good” and “Paper Chasin’” while serving as an executive for the family-run label, SWI (Sick Wid It) Records. Together, Suga-T and E-40 enjoyed a hit with the duet, “Sprinkle Me”, from the latter’s #1 platinum album, “In A Major Way.” Overall, the label sold millions of records worldwide and had many albums make their way to Billboard’s Top 10 charts.

While enjoying success in the music world, things weren’t as rosy for Suga-T personally as she dealt with domestic violence within two marriages, Also the constant focus on the music business meant Suga’s relationship with her children was suffering. As a result, she walked away from the recording industry to start a new journey.
After working in the real estate world for a few years, Suga-T went back to school and has since earned a bachelor’s diploma and a double master’s degree. Along the way, she launched her fragrance production company, which is now part of the Sprinkle Me Boutique, offering wellness and beauty lines. Since then, Suga-T has expanded her enterprise to include a charity that helps parents of children with autism, a network for young grandmothers and to empower women as well as leadership and entrepreneurial workshops.

All of these life/career lessons and roadmaps to success have resulted in Suga-T’s book and album set, “YOUR PERFUME”. With the book, she outlines what it took to reinvent her own self to become a successful mother, grandmother and businesswoman. The album features songs for many musical tastes from Hip-Hop (“My Best-Worst”, “Work”) to R&B (“They Go”, “Sprung”, “Keep Pushin’”) – each related to Suga-T’s life story.

Suga-T is the 1st Lady of Successful Family Group The Click selling over 20 million. She & her Brother E40 Has The Biggest Brother & Sister Hip Hop Duo In History Titled “Sprinkle Me.

Empower yourself or someone else to win, re-invent themselves and better navigate through challenging times. The book also has an complimenting fragrance collection, cardio playlist www.SprinkleMe.biz and course www.SprinkleMeSchoolofMusic.online . Bulk Prices for Organizations are also available.

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