A Message from Hakeem Jeffries United States Representative

Happy Juneteenth, Lamar.

Today, we commemorate the emancipation of slaves in America and celebrate the freedoms we’ve won in the centuries since.
It’s also a day to remember the historic injustices committed against Black people throughout our nation’s history — from the days of slavery, to the Jim Crow era, to the white supremacist-fueled violence we still see today — and recommit ourselves to the work that remains.

On Juneteenth, we acknowledge that we cannot rest as we work to advance equality for Black Americans, end discrimination, and continue to fight for true freedom. The struggle lives on.
I was proud to help pass a bill that President Biden signed last year making Juneteenth a federal holiday — an important step forward in the fight to recognize our history, end systemic racism, and celebrate the freedom and joy of Black people across the country.
But the fight against white supremacy and structural racism in this country is far from over. We have so much work still to do in order to dismantle systems of oppression that persist today.
I’m committed to reforming our criminal justice system, eradicating the malignant tumor of white supremacy, and ending the era of voter suppression once and for all. And I’m grateful to have you alongside me in these fights.
Happy Juneteenth, Lamar. Our fight for freedom and equality continues.

Keep the faith,
— Hakeem