Forming a Hip Hop Group may be one of the hardest task to achieve as far as music is concerned. It's not like a singing group where harmony and a great lead singer becomes the necessary ingredients for success. In a Hip Hop Group, each member must be a solo emcee in his/her own right. A lead so to speak. They must also feed off each other during the creative process as far as writing songs are concerned. And if the song is just a posse cut, Individually, they must bring their best!

And finally, like any other group whether it's R&B, Country, Jazz, Rock or Pop, the Hip Hop Group must have a great producer and or DJ providing the classic music to match the classic material.

This is our section dedicated to the greatest Hip Hop groups of all time. The criteria? Simple. Impact, rhyme skills, music, synergy, longevity, and lyrical content.

So before you send us your suggestions. And we do want to see them, just ask yourself if the Hip Hop group that you are recommending to our list meets at least three of the above mentioned criteria. Thank you for supporting Hip Hop.