Rap Entertainment Television was originally conceived as a one-hour music video show that aired on a local Jersey City cable system from 1992-1996. During this time the show grew in popularity and the vision and production of the show demanded access to a larger outlet. However, Network broadcasters felt that Rap Music wasn't marketable and dismissed the art form as nothing more than a just fad.

RETV closed it's doors in 1997 and began to offer it's content exclusively over the web giving birth to the Multi Media Company - Rap Fast forward to present day! Technology has provided an exciting opportunity. Rap Entertainment Television (RETV) can now offer nostalgic Hip Hop moments from our vast archive of music videos (over 4,000), interviews and live performances on demand 24 hours a day.

RETV will also offer current content from a now multi trillion dollar Hip Hop industry as well as entertainment from the world of Sports, Music, Television and Film. Viewers will be able to see some of the biggest names in entertainment up close and personal.

RETV will produce various original Hip Hop related programming. Our Multi Media company operates two complimentary entities, which focus on the business to-consumer market. RE Home Video and RE Digital.

Rap Entertainment Home Video solely focuses on delivery of content in DVD format. Compilations of Interviews, live performances, and a collection of over 3,000 music videos that we have managed to collect over the past nineteen years are produced into theme projects that are distributed throughout our worldwide distribution network.

Rap Entertainment Digital currently offers portable content via IPhone and ITouch and other portable devices that has access to the worldwide Web. In 2010, RE Digital will create custom downloadable audio and video content and offer licensed content for sale via Rap